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Oslo Vinterpark

Tryvannsveien 64, Oslo

The largest ski resort in the Oslo area, with 18 slopes and 11 lifts - just 30 minutes from the city centre. Oslo Winter Park (formerly Tryvann) includes a terrain park in the Hyttli area, cruising slopes in Tryvann, slopes for children and beginners, and challenging slopes and an express lift in Wyller. Tryvann: Chair lift, two slopes (green/red, 400-900 metres) Hyttli: Chair lift, five slopes (blue, 214-830 metres), terrain park, halfpipe, rails and jumps Vestkleiva: T-bar lift, cross trail (blue, 500 metres), ski-cross/boarder-cross (jumps, bumps etc.) Wyller: Six-seat express lift, four slopes (black, 1300-1550 metres), Olympic-size super pipe Tommkleiva: Two bowl lifts, two slopes (green, 200 metres)

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